Roofing – Metal Or Asphalt?

Roofing – Metal Or Asphalt?

Can’t believe it’s time to replace your roofing? Does it feel like just yesterday that you had to go through the long process of having your roof reshingled? Please read on to answer these questions. Can’t believe it’s time to replace the asphalt shingles on your roof? Does it feel like just yesterday that you had to go through the long process of having your roof reshingled? If you are in the market for a new roof, consider investing in a metal roof. You won’t be sorry.

Metal overhangs have been gaining popularity for a number of years. Long known as an alternative to asphalt and stone overhangs, metal roofs do not have to be replace every 15 years or so. In fact, installing a metal roof may keep you from ever having to replace your roof again. Depending on whom you choose to install the roof, you may receive even a lifetime warranty.

Metal roofs come in all different types. You can install anything from an aluminum shingle overhang to a steel overhang. There are multiple variations of color and shelter types included within each metal chosen. Generally, the metal can be made to match colors already popular among roofing material. Manufacturers also provide a variety of looks—shaping the metal to look like slate, stone or otherwise. It’s up to you to decide what type of roof is right for your house.

Copper shelter tops have become more and more popular in the past few years, but they’ve been around for centuries. It can be expensive, but it is worth the price for some individuals because of its imaginative look and unparalleled durability. Copper roofs do require a certain amount of care. No debris or dirt can accumulate on the top of the house, so you must be willing to show the roof a degree of care. Of course, copper’s 100% recycling capability forgives any upkeep it requires.

The amount of steel roofs being added to homes is increasing dramatically every year. Steel is the age-old workhorse metal that does not disappoint when it comes to roofs. Steel roofs may be the most reliable, durable and dependable product on the market. Although steel roofing can be expensive, it generally comes with a long-time guarantee—sometimes as much as 50 years. Steel is also an appealing choice because it can be produced in a variety of colors and designs. 

Aluminum offers another choice among metal roofing products. This is a metal of which we are all familiar. 100% recyclable, aluminum offers an easy alternative for those still considering asphalt shingles. This metal roof often comes with a lifetime guarantee and provides cooling in the summer and extra heat in the winter. Aluminum competes with steel for its durability. Though, when compared side-by-side to steel, aluminum roofs tend to take coastal weather a bit more successfully.

Whether copper, steel, aluminum, zinc or a combination, consider a metal roof when replacing your current asphalt roofing material. Metal roofs are durable, attractive, and, when compared to the replacement cost of asphalt roofs, extremely affordable. The past several years have seen a boom in the number of metal roofs added to homes, urban and rural. Rightfully so, as metal roofs are installed to last most climates.

Roofing – Types of Shingles

Roofing – Types of Shingles

Those looking to have new roofing installed must choose between several single options, including asphalt, concrete, tile, metal, wood, and slate. The choice depends on the style you want, your budget, and the lifespan of your roof. Here are some of the most commonly used shingles and the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Asphalt Shingles

Most homes in the United States have asphalt shingles. They are relatively inexpensive when compared to other types of shingles, can easily be repaired, and resist fire. They also come in many different colors and designs, so you can easily tailor them to the look of your house. Most homes look just fine with asphalt roofing. 

On the other hand, these shingles have a short lifespan, lasting between 15 and 30 years at best. They do scar in hot climates, and they can grow mildew and moss. The process of making and then disposing of asphalt shingles is quite costly on the environment. 

Metal Shingles

Metal shingles are made to look like other types of shingles, including cedar and slate. They are durable and last at least 50 years with little maintenance required. They can also be installed over existing roofs, removing the need to take down your roof. They do well in protecting against weather damage, and they are not very damaging to the environment. They do need to be painted sometimes, and they can be quite expensive. You will certainly need a roofing contractor to install them. 

Wood Shingles

Wood shingles add insulation to your home and are easy to repair or replace. They require a lot of maintenance, but if you take care of them properly, they should last 30 to 50 years. They are not good at fighting fire, and they can rot, split, or mold. 

Tile Shingles

Tile comes in a variety of colors and patterns. These are easy to maintain and are fireproof. They are quite heavy, though, and cannot be used on older homes that do not have the right structural requirements in place. They can also be damaged by walking on the roof, but are durable against weather damage. 

Slate Shingles

Homeowners typically choose slate roofing because of its distinctive appearance and fireproof properties. While it is quite expensive and requires specialized installation, once it is installed it has a long lifespan. Like tile, slate shingles can be quite fragile if you are walking on your roof. 

Concrete Shingles

Concrete shingles reinforced with fiber come in many styles and colors. These often resemble tile, stone, or other popular, but expensive, roofing options. In contrast, concrete singles are more lightweight than other options and resist fire and insects well. They require little maintenance and are not damaging to the environment. However, they can be expensive if you do not have an affordable option for purchasing them. 

If you feel uncertain about the type of shingles that would work best for you, contact a roofer and ask his or her opinion. Consider the style of your home and the lifespan you need for your shingles and you will be able to make the right choice.

Choosing The Ideal Asphalt Shingles For Your Roofing

Choosing The Ideal Asphalt Shingles For Your Roofing

Shingles come in a variety of styles and materials. Tips from experienced roofing contractors for selecting the best roofing shingles for you home.

One of the most durable and affordable styles of roofing for today’s homes is still asphalt shingles. They wear well, come in a multitude of colors, shapes, sizes and textures, and are relatively affordable for almost any homeowner. The latest styles and material innovations also help them mimic more expensive materials such as slate with ease. Because there is such a wide range in price and quality, however, it’s best to learn more about this popular material so that you can choose the best style for your house.

Look For A Good Warranty

All shingles are made from asphalt, but not all of them use the same blend of materials to produce the finished result. To make sure you’re getting a top quality, ask local contractors which brands they prefer and what the warranty is on them. Generally speaking, the better the warranty is, the better the quality of the materials. You should find some that are covered for at least fifteen years or more.

The Right Style For Your House

It’s easy to hire roofing companies that offer a wide range of styles, but more difficult to determine which style works best on your house. Some styles will blend beautifully with your house’s overall style while others may seem mismatched or “off” somehow. For ideal results, look for shingles that will complement the rest of your home’s exterior without overpowering any other architectural elements. Colonial houses look very nice with traditional shingles while a log cabin would look better with the organic appeal of wood shakes. An elaborate Victorian style house or older style manor home may call for a style that gives the impression of slate tiles. If your home is Swedish modern, cedar probably shouldn’t be your first choice. Aim for harmony and a seamless effect that brings every element of your home’s exterior together.

Roofing Companies Offer Dimensional Shingles

While you can order roofing shingles that are basically a flat surface for a low cost, more homeowners are choosing dimensional materials every year. These have depth and dimension due to their construction and are often called architectural shingles. They are a step up from traditional three tab models and will overlap each other for additional drama. Many roofing contractors carry styles that feature varied color palettes and textures that mimic the appeal of organic materials such as slate or wood without the drawbacks of organic products. If your house has long, uninterrupted stretches of roofing, the use of dimensional shingles is even more important to add interest and break up a long, boring roof line. Contractors are more likely to suggest dimensional shingles when they are called on to recommend materials for renovated, historic homes because they reflect the attention to detail of earlier times.

Don’t Forget The Color Palette

When roofing companies offer a quote that includes the materials to be used, they will usually show you several styles and colors to choose from. While it’s easy to say, “Just something that matches my house,” the results are often disappointing. For more interest and to break up too many uninterrupted stretches of color, you should ask roofing contractors to show you more than one color palette so that you can choose a shade that contrasts nicely with your home’s exterior without overpowering it. A few questions can help you decide what will work best. Do you want the roof to be a focal point or recede so that the exterior walls get most of the attention? High contrast colors will give your home a dynamic, modern appeal. Choosing shingles that are just a few shades off from the wall will soften the overall look without being too flat. 

Don’t Rush

It can be difficult to make the final choice, so don’t be afraid to tell roofing contractors you’ll need a few days to think about it. Take samples outside and look at them next to your home in a variety of lights so that you’ll get an idea of what they will look like in the morning, afternoon and evening. Since today’s roofing companies can install a product that lasts for decadesit’s important that you end up with a roof that you’ll love several years from now.

Roofing Shingles: How To Decide

Roofing Shingles: How To Decide

Shingles are the number one building material when it comes to roofing. A homeowner must decide how long they are planning to stay in the house in order to decide what kind to buy. Here is a look at the choices.

When it comes to roofing and repairs, the main decision on any homeowner’s mind has to be what kind of shingles to put up. This question can usually be decided by another factor, which is how long they plan to stay in the house. It’s a lot like car painting in that respect. When you are painting a car simply to turn around a sell it, you can usually get away with using cheaper materials. When you’re painting to keep, you want to invest in the best paint money can buy. The same holds true for shingles. If you are planning to stay in the house for a long time, you want to put up shingles that will last for the duration. If you’re planning to sell in the near future, you can get away with cheaper supplies.

If you’re only looking to stay in your home for a short period of time, you can get away with installing some short term shingles. These shingles are made from quality materials that will keep your roof looking nice and your home protected…but only for so long. It’s best to go with roofing shingles that are guaranteed to last for at least 15 years. Looking at the shingles themselves, you’ll find they are a bit thinner than longer lasting varieties. These types of shingles are best used in more moderate climates.

The best choice for homeowners who aren’t sure how long they’ll be staying in the house is a good mid-grade roofing shingle. These types are usually designed to last 20 years or so and are a little thicker than the short term types. If you’ve ever seen asphalt shingles, these are the types that fall into this midpoint. They cost a little more than the basic variety, but with that added cost comes a longer life. If you hire a professional company, they’ll often recommend going with these mid-grade shingles.

If you’re planning to stay in your house for the rest of your life (as many homeowners are), then you want to go ahead and plan for the long haul. That means getting high quality shingles that will last. There are shingles designed and guaranteed to last up to 50 years. The construction of these shingles is on another playing field than other varieties, but the cost is much higher as well. In this case, you have to look at the cost as a long term investment. No one likes to have their life interrupted by roofing repairs, so it’s best to get it out of the way early and not have to worry about it again. 

About Shingles & Shakes for Roofing

About Shingles & Shakes for Roofing

Homes in different geographical locations need different types of roofing. Since Texas is one of the hotter places in America the roofing needs are different. Shingles and shakes for roofing is important in order to have the roof last longer. This articles gives you more information on such roofing. 

Although appearance wise nothing can beat the rural loveliness of a recently installed cedar shingle or shake roof. There is no doubt that your cedar roof ought to sustain its good looks for many years if you are prepared to put in your time and money for its regular maintenance.

Once you start overlooking regular maintenance your cedar roof to face problems. Just like asphalt, cedar shingles and shakes are also at risk of rot and moss growth, more so in the shaded areas. Poor maintenance will let leaves and rubbish to accumulate on your cedar roof, which entraps moisture and in turn speeding the progression of decay.

Although moisture on its own can cause destruction to your untreated cedar roof, nevertheless the sun is also an enemy of cedar. Cedar shingles and shakes can crack due to the UV rays of the sun and in due course lead to leakage. It is highly recommended that you treat your cedar roof with chemical preservative in a span of every three to six years. This is more important for houses in moist climates. You need to think about this continuing cost at the time of comparing quotes for different options for roofing.

As their asphalt counterparts, cedar shingles and shakes also come with an extensive variety of warranties that may or may not that essentially reveal their tangible lifetime. Still worse is the fact that such ‘warranties’ are mostly prorated which means that your warranty worth lessens the older your roof gets. The durability of cedar roof depends chiefly on the quality of installation, maintenance, and the quality of the cedar itself.

Asphalt or composition shingles are used on the majority of homes and these are made of a base, which is organic or fiberglass, drenched with asphalt and covered with minerals on the upper side to defend against weathering. Shingles usually come in an extensive assortment of colors. These composition roofs can easily be superimposed with a new roof if the original roof is in a single layer and very good form. The life of the composition shingles depends on the rating and quality ranging anywhere between 20 to 30 years. Most of the manufacturers agree to overlay a composition roof if it is still under warranty, but it is better that it be done by a knowledgeable, qualified and certified roofer. This is because the usual problems as well as maintenance concerns arise when during the installation ventilation and/or flashing was not provided satisfactorily.

Dimensional shingles are just akin to composition shingles. The only difference is that dimensional shingles are thicker and available in customized look. Dimensional shingles have much better lifespan with an expectancy up to 40 years that depends on the rating. Like composition shingles, dimensional shingles have similar concerns and problems of building up of moss, quality, as well as sufficient venting/flashing.

Shingles and shakesboth besides being used as roofing material are also used as a siding material and a siding style.